Friday, 24 August 2012

My Top 10 Favorite NBA Players

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to talk about my top 10 favorite basketball players that are going to be playing this upcoming season.
10. Paul Gasol- Los Angeles Lakers
Paul is one of my favorite centers in the NBA. He plays the center like a guard. He can pass the ball and he can shoot. In my opinion if the Lakers didn’t have Paul, then they would lose half of their games. This is because most of the Lakers points come from Paul and Kobe. The last reason why Paul Gasol is a great player to me is he has a great personality for a center. He plays the game of basketball very well.

9.  Carmelo Anthony- New York Knicks
Carmelo Anthony is a great shooting guard. He can shoot beyond the 3 with a hand on his face and he can shoot from anywhere he wants to. He is a great 1 on 1 player in basketball. The only problem with Carmelo is he doesn’t pass the ball that much. Sometimes there are open teammates and he doesn’t pass them the ball. He rather shoot on someone’s face than pass the ball. If he was a passer then he would be one of my top 5 favorite basketball players. In my opinion the Knicks were doing great during their season when they had Jeremy Lin, But when they had Carmelo they started doing bad. Carmelo is a great player but he needs to share the ball more.

8. Chris Paul- Los Angeles Clippers
I don’t watch Chris Paul that much, but I know he is a great point guard. I’ve seen some of his highlights and I notice his vision is crazy. When he plays basketball, he doesn’t only have eyes on his front of his head but he has eyes all around his head. He is a great passer in my opinion. The only problem with him is he needs to be traded. He needs to go to a better team so he can get notice more. If he is in a better team, then I’m sure he will start playing better. The last reason why I like Chris Paul so much is because he has a great personality. There was a time when he was in high school and his grandpa died at the age of 61. He decided to score 61 points in a high school basketball game and he made it happen. That shows how an amazing person Chris is really is.
7. Paul Pierce- Boston Celtics
Paul Pierce is a great player. He plays basketball like the way it’s supposed to be played. Paul is a great leader and a great shooter. He can shoot the basketball anywhere he wants to. He is also a great passer. Paul is one of my favorite basketball players because I know he is the truth. The Celtics wouldn’t be anything without Paul. Paul Pierce is the one that takes most of the Boston Celtics Shot.
6. Steve Nash- Los Angeles Lakers
Steve is a great point guard. He also has a great court vision. He is a great passer and he is a good shooter and that’s what makes him so great. Also he knows how to play smart basketball. He has a high basketball IQ. It’s a good thing he got traded to the Lakers because the Lakers need a great point guard. Also, it would be great for Steve because he can pass to many open teammates like Kobe. Steve would get way more assists as a Laker.
5. Dwight Howard- Los Angeles Lakers
Dwight is one of the best centers in the NBA. He can finish at the rim anyway he wants to. He is unstoppable when he is near the basket. Dwight is really good at rebounding and blocking. There is no way you can get an easy layup at the rim when Dwight is around. The other reason why Dwight is one of my favorite centers is because of his great personality. He enjoys joking around and he is always smiling. He is not like everyone else in the NBA who are always so serious and boring. Dwight is a great big and he would be an amazing big when he starts playing for the Lakers.
4. Jeremy Lin- Houston Rockets
Jeremy lin is one of my favorite players because he is good at basketball and smart at the same time. He can finish at the rim anyway he wants to. He can do floaters very well and he is a great passer. When he went to the Knicks no one expected him to be that good. He was unstoppable. No one could catch up with him, because he was too quick. He came from Harvard and went to the NBA. That is extremely hard to do, because you have to be good at studying and basketball at the same time.  I can’t even balance my high school work and basketball. It must have been really hard for Jeremy to balance studies and basketball. Hopefully, he would continue to be great in the Houston Rockets. Hopefully He could win a championship someday.
3. Ray Allen- Miami Heat
Ray Allen is one of the best shooters I ever seen in the game of basketball. He has one of the quickest release ever. Every time when he catches the ball, you see him already releasing the ball. He can shoot the 3 anytime he wants to. To Ray Allen shooting Threes is like making a layup to him. Ray also has one of the best personality in a player. He is a really nice person and he doesn’t talk much. He has the record for the most threes in NBA history. The only thing I don’t like about Ray Allen is how he switched from the Celtics to the Miami Heat. But I guess that’s a great choice for him because he wants more championship. The only way you can win a championship now days is to join the Heat.
2. Kobe Bryant- Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe is one of my favorite basketball players, because he a lot of people like him. Kobe is a great shooting guard. He can shoot from anywhere he wants to. He is the only player that I know that has no weakness. He has a really high basketball IQ. People say Kobe is a ball hog. But that is not true now, he is becoming a better passer. I notice now days he is more mature and he pass the ball more. It’s going to be very hard to stop the Lakers this season because they have 4 great players. They have Kobe, Dwight, Steve and Paul Gasol.
1.   Lebron James- Miami Heat
Lebron James is one of the hatred player in the NBA. People hate him so much because he is so good. This guy is the king of basketball, no questions about it. He has improved his game so much over the past few years. He has become a better shooter, a better passer and a better finisher. He is also amazing at blocking. This guy is a complete basketball player. There is nothing he can’t do now. People said that he wasn’t going to win a championship, but he got one finally. And for sure he is going to get another one. In my opinion Michael Jordan and Lebron James are the same players. They are both really great. But if I had to choose between the two of them, I would choose Lebron James.

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