Saturday, 22 December 2012

Worst Free Throw Ever

Hey Guys!

Check out this worst free throw ever made by a player. This free throw was in the game of WCU vs App State. The first time I saw this video I laughed so hard. What is going on here? Did the monster took his powers?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Referee Block Kris Humphries’s Free-Throw Attempt

During Last night's game of the NBA the nets and Raptors game. About Midway to the fourth quarter Kris Humphries steps to the line to shoot two free throws. While Kris Humphries was about to shoot his second free throw the referee Courtney Kirkland comes out of nowhere and blocks Kris Humphries second free throw. He shouldn't have just blown his whistle next time. The block was not a clean block because Courtney got Kris all over his arms.

You can view the video here:

This made me laugh so much. This has to be one of the funniest thing that I have seen that a ref has done in the nba game.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Improving in Basketball

There are a lot of people out there that work on their game during the summer. Some people improve their game, some people stay the same and some people don’t. The thing that bothers me the most is to see people not even trying to work on their game. Some guys would go on the court with flips flops on and start shooting. They would shoot without jumping and they would stay at the same spot and just shoot. That is not working in your game, that is having fun. If you want to be great you have to do more than just shoot at the same spot the whole day.
                Many guys that play basketball don’t like to run. Also, they think that is not that important and you don’t need to run to be better at basketball. This is not true, running is important in basketball. In every game you run back and forth, and if you can’t catch up that’s not good. You need to be in shape when you are playing basketball. The thing that I do to get in shape is at least run 10k at least 3 times a week. If running 10k is too much for you then you can run 5k, 3k or 1k. Just do what’s best for you. A lot of people say this doesn’t help you improve your game at all, but trust me it does. I can tell, because after my first 2 months of running I noticed that I have more endurance then I used to have. I also noticed that my speed improved. Running is a great way to keep your endurance up and improve speed.
                Another thing that people don’t work on is their layups. I know that layups can be boring to work on, because why would work on them when you can make every single one? Layups are just so valuable. Almost all basketball players don’t miss layups, but they start missing when someone is guarding them. People that practice layups a lot of times are the people that know how to use the back board well. You should at least do 50-100 layups on each side everyday if you want to be good. 50-100 layups can improve your footwork and vertical.
                One of the last things you can do is ball handling. This is really important to guards. Many guards out there still dribble while looking down, because they don’t work on the handles. Some people don’t work on their game just because they don’t have a basketball court. The great thing about working on ball handling is you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a court to work on it. You can work at your ball handling at a sidewalk, basement in your room or anywhere. There are many great ball handling drills out there. You can look it up on YouTube and you can find many great videos on improving your ball handling. Here are some of the drills that you can do anywhere:


   In basketball you need to work on your endurance, your ball handling skills and working on your layups. You need to be running at least 3 times a week and doing at least 50-100 layups on each side to improve your game. Also, you need to work on your ball handling skills. After you work on all this you can start working on your jump shots. If I were you I would create a calendar at   to keep track of what you are going to do every day. It’s good to write it down on paper, because it reminds you of what you need to do today and the day after. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Is LeBron James better than Kobe Bryant?

Lebron James And Kobe Bryant
                LeBron James has been in the NBA for 9 years. Kobe has been in the NBA for 16 years. Kobe won 5 championships, But LeBron won 1. LeBron was named MVP in the 2012 season, but Kobe wasn’t. There are a lot of people out there that says Kobe is better than LeBron. Kobe is not better than LeBron. LeBron is better than Kobe and he is the best player in the league.
                LeBron has improved his game a lot over the past few years and so did Kobe. This year LeBron is a better score. Back when he was in Cleveland, he couldn’t shoot the ball very well. The only shot that he would take was taking in to the basket. Now, LeBron is playing as a Heat. He is a better shooter than he used to be. You can tell that LeBron worked really hard on his game.  He can also finish at the rim way better. Kobe is pretty much the same. He can still shoot the ball well and he can finish with contact. Kobe has become a better passer. He is going to become a way better passer with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash on his team.
                Shooting is not the only thing that makes LeBron a great player. It’s also rebounding and pushing the ball. LeBron knows when to push the ball and when not to. He is not only a great forward but also a great point guard. He can find open teammates better than anyone in the NBA. Now he has Dwayne Wade on his team and he can throw crazy passes like this one: 

And he can also do this:

And he can catch passes like this:

                Passing and shooting are one of the things that made a him a better player. Also, he has become a better leader. He knows how to lead a team. Kobe is a great leader too, but LeBron is become a better leader. He can do anything for his teammates. Now LeBron James knows how to have fun, he knows what he needs to do for his team.
                LeBron is the best player in the NBA right now. Kobe is the second best. LeBron is going to win as many championship as Kobe. It’s not going to be easy though because Kobe Now has Gasol, Howard and Nash on the Lakers. But Hopefully LeBron will win a championship this upcoming season.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Top 10 NBA Commercial Of All Time

10. Funny TNT Commercial- Shaq
This is one of the funniest commercial I have seen. Shaq is in it and some little kids. In the commercial Shaq acts like the teacher and ask the kids a bunch of questions. You are going to have to watch the video by itself to see why it’s funny.

9. Jordan Break to Build Commercial
This commercial is just great. It shows what teams do to get better. It shows the hard work, the fights and rituals of what a team does. When you watch this commercial it makes you feel like you’re there. It’s a great commercial for any sports not just basketball. And it can be a great motivational commercial.

8. Uncle Drew Pepsi Commercial
This is one of the funniest commercial I have ever seen. In the commercial there is Uncle Drew who is this old man. Uncle Drew goes to teach young ballers how to play basketball the right way. First, All his shots were off. But that didn’t stop him from shooting. After missing a few shots, he started making all his shots. In this commercial Uncle Drew is actually Kyle Irving. Kyle Irving plays uncle drew very well. Also, Kyle Irving sounds exactly like an old man in this commercial. 

7.  LeBron James- The Beginning Commercial
A lot of kids out there want to be exactly like LeBron James. This commercial is great because it send a message to the kids that they shouldn’t be like LeBron. It shows LeBron from the start to the finish. It shows a story of what LeBron had to go through to be in the NBA.

6. 2011 NBA Finals Intro
This commercial is just really stupendous. It shows what the NBA is all about. This commercial is really great because it has great graphics. It shows Kobe and other players playing in the street. Also, it shows old players playing. It gives me chills every time I watch it.

5. Nike Ordinary People 
This commercial is really great, because it shows the beauty of basketball. It shows what you need to do in order to be great. When I watch this commercial it makes me want to go outside and play basketball. It has great words and music to it. It shows you don’t need to be a star to love the game.

4. it’s Not About The Shoes Commercial
This commercial is very good, because it has great words and music to it. In this commercial they show some old clips of ray Allen, Chris Paul and Michael Jordan. It shows that it’s not about the shoes. It’s one favorite commercial because it gives me chills every time I watch it.

3. Michael Jordan Let Your Game Speak
The music is great in this commercial. It has Michael Jordan’s popular moves used by other people. This commercial is very accurate, because the moves that people did in this video is the same as Michael.
Here is the original video:

And here is the comparison of the two:

2. Lead the Charge Commercial
This commercial makes you feel how intense the NBA. It shows all the talk that goes on in an NBA game. In this commercial they show every detail in an NBA game and that is why it’s one of the best.

1.       1. NBA Forever Commercial
This is my number one because it is just so awesome. It gives me chills every time I watch it. In this commercial we see old player mixed with new players. It also shows old players passing the ball to new players or high fiving. The music in this commercial really goes good with the video.

Can These Shoes Really Make You Jump Higher?

            “It’s not about the shoes. It’s about knowing where you’re going, And not forgetting where you started. It’s about having the courage to fail, not breaking when you’re broken. Taking everything you’ve been given And making it something better. It’s about work before glory And what’s inside of you. It’s doing what they say you can’t. It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them. It’s about being what you were born to be.”
Are there such shoes that can increase your vertical? There are shoes that are called the APL shoes. These shoes are supposed to increase your vertical by 3-4 inches. Can these shoes really do that? Well I believed that they could but after doing a little bit of research I changed my mind. Thanks to Vertical Jumping put these shoes to the test and they found out that these shoes don’t really increase vertical. According them these shoes are heavy and they make you run slower. Here are the two video tests they did:

                These APL shoes are made by a company called Athletic Propulsion Labs. The way they said these shoes work is they have spring-like "Load n' Launch" gizmo in the forefoot and that is what is supposed to make you increase your jumping ability. These shoes are banned in the NBA. I don’t know why the NBA would ban them because they don’t really increase vertical, they make it worse.

If I were you I would not get myself a pair. But if you would like a pair then you can get one at These shoes you used to cost $300. Now you can get yourself a pair for only $175 dollars. They decrease the price because now people know these shoes actually don’t work. They are a fraud and you should not buy them. Michael was right, its not about the shoes my friend.