Friday, 24 August 2012

The Greatest Player in NBA History

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. He is unstoppable in the paint and he is unstoppable anywhere in the court. He can shoot, he can finish and he can play defense than any other player in the NBA. Michael Jordan was a hard worker, a great leader and he was always fearless. All this made him the best player in the NBA.

                Michael Jordan could fly. Almost all the time when he was going for a layup or a dunk, it looked like he could fly. He had great hang time. He could be up in the air thinking what he he should do next. He could be thinking should I switch it to my right hand or keep it on my left. Even Magic himself said that guarding Michael is very difficult, because you never know what he is going to do next. You can also tell Michael can fly, because he is the only person in the NBA that jumped from the free throw line. Here is the video of Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line:

                But it’s not only that he could fly that made him a great player. It’s also his hard work. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team. After he was cut, he went to his room and cried. But, he didn’t quit. He worked harder than anyone else during the summer. And the next following year he made his high school team. Most people quit after they get cut once out of their high school team, but Michael Jordan didn’t.

                In one of Michael Jordan’s game in the NBA, he had the flu. The flu didn’t stop Michael from playing. He wanted to go out there and helped his team. This also shows how much Michael Jordan loved Chicago. Most players now days won’t play a game because of a flu.
                The last thing that made Michael a great player was his shooting ability and his defense. He can shoot anywhere he wants. He can shoot the 3, fade away and the jump shot. Michael is fearless. He wants to take the game winning shot. This is another reason why he is the best, because nobody has made more buzzer beaters than him. Michael’s defense is great too. He could steal, block and he can stay in front of his man. When he is playing defense, you can tell by looking at his eyes that he wants the ball really bad.

                Michael is still the greatest till today. No one is even close to being as great as him. Some people say Kobe or Lebron are almost the same as Michael Jordan. This is not true, because he is the best and Lebron or Kobe are not even close to being as a great as Michael Jordan.

Watch this video to see why he was so great:

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